keep all your containers up to date with this one weird trick:

sudo docker run --name="watchtower" -d --restart=always -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --env 'DOCKER_HOST=unix:///var/run/docker.sock' --env 'WATCHTOWER_TIMEOUT=60s' --env 'WATCHTOWER_SCHEDULE=0 20 12 * * *' --env 'WATCHTOWER_ROLLING_RESTART=true' --env 'NO_COLOR=true' --env 'TZ=UTC' --env 'WATCHTOWER_CLEANUP=true' containrrr/watchtower

“the Gab instance isn’t federated, it’s confederated”

after a few days of negotiation, i finally let my manager know I'd stay if he'd let me take some time off. but all i ended up getting was two weeks. i don't think i'm happy about this, but i'll try to make it work, i suppose.

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i tried changing my Mastodon instance domain (while leaving the old domain up), but it turns out that it matters what my domain was _at the time you followed me_, so it's already too late to change.

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advice to new mastodons 

mute keywords ruthlessly y'all

we don't have algorithms to usher you away from stuff that's just gonna make you fume

Children of yesterday, heirs of tomorrow,
What are you weaving? labor and sorrow?
Look to your loom again, faster and faster
Fly the great shuttles prepared by the Master.

the manager i sent notice to is still trying to keep me there. i've done this TWICE to him now. fucking unbelievable.

i honestly don't know what i want to do at this point.

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i put in notice at work. probably safe to share this information with the fediverse since nobody looks at this :3

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tonight, i celebrate with decadent food and a decadent crossfade

I'll say one thing about this Mastodon thing. This is the one social networking website that won't ever be complicit in state surveillance, war crimes, etc.

Me, finding an extra box of trash bags after I just ran out: HOLY SHIT nobody has ever been this smart, I am an absolute genius

How much lasagna can you make before you get busted for “intent to distribute”?

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