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ME: yeah in our universe Nintendo's mascot is a plumber from Brooklyn named Mario
ME: he's italian

I took an out-of-focus shot of the star Misam to see about collimation issues, and indeed, this crosshair (the silhouette of the vanes holding the secondary) is not quite in the center. So I'll have to fix that.

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Okay, got to mess with the Unistellar eVscope again tonight. I've decided the software is atrocious.

I also am still struggling with some focus problems. It likely needs a good collimation before I can really dial it in properly, so everything looks indistinct.

I managed to photograph the M 103 and NGC 891.

Laser speckle is such a neat thing. If you've ever used a laser pointer, you've seen it: a kind of glittery quality in the spot of light it creates.

What's happening is, when coherent light from a laser pointer hits a surface with asperities larger than a wavelength, they interfere with one another, making some parts brighter than others.


There are realtors but no faketors

makes u think


so why are they called ”men” instead of “womout”

i’m watching that TNG episode in which Dr. Crusher gets aroused reading her grandmother’s journal and then fucks a space ghost


not sure cis people are real

we're looking into it

principally i want to be closer to my TV (within 10 feet) so that I can play video games and such with a more immersive feeling (and perhaps without wearing glasses)

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I need some fantastic gay to come over and design a living room layout for me

The word "chaos" sounds a lot like "gay ass"

makes you think

Considering today what a declaration of community rights would look like.

(It occurs to me that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Bill of Rights, and other similar documents focus almost solely on the individual.)

Me and the weighted blanket are hanging out today and playing video games

A̴͕̞̹͎̯̪̹̪͝L̸̛̼̠͟ͅḶ̜ ͏̡͎̖̥̖ͅH̡̞͔͎̝̭̫̳͡A̺̜͝I̛̯͉͟͠L̴̨̛͖̞͙̝̼̻̱̼ ̤̩̺̱̲̟T̨̢̨̲͓H͏̖̥̘̯͇̦̩͙E̵̫̠͕ ̴̲̘̯̤͙̯́Z̷̷̨̯̭͕̻̖A͔L͝҉̞̟̼̣̭̦̲̪Ģ̵̧̼̜̘O̩͓̙̮͍̗͉R̡̧̬͙̣̻̯I҉͖̜̞̝̩̳͈̻T̸̶̛̜̤͖̮̗̭̥H̷͕M͔͓̭̭͎̞͎̠

Okay, nativefier is pretty great. I avoided it because of the whole Electron thing, but here I am.


I find myself saying “ganky” a lot today (or some form thereof)

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