I'll probably tear down my Mastodon instances tomorrow and call the whole thing quits. Maybe I'll try again another time in the future.

One of the guys can't go with them, so on the night before, the main guy asks some random kid on the construction crew if he wants to go. He does not because he has a date.

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The movie uses a Woody Woodpecker cartoon to explain space flight to a group of investors (because the main guy says the government can't do it). Then he gets mad at government red tape regulating him and decides to launch a month early.

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The movie Destination Moon (1950) is *hilarious*. It tries to realistically depict a first trip to the moon.

In this scene, when they’re launching, they used makeup effects to show g-forces stretching the astronauts’ faces, but it just looks like me after three edibles

A friend of mine was a cute deer at her local Ren Faire, and I want you to see

On a related topic, boy, is it draining to read over and over from women how terrified they are of being single, being alone, etc.

Please stop describing how awful it is to live the way I live.

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i wish i had written this tweet.

(also i feel like America is actively hostile to any sort of community living, and capitalism benefits from households being entire, separate worlds unto themselves, with everyone inside fully prepared to take on ANY task: cooking, sewing, etc.)

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American society isn't set-up for single adults, especially single women

the fear of being single is real

but also...the only trash in my living space is the trash I left there

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“given its high acidity and ability to break down grease due to its alkalinity.”

Life comes at you fast opb.org/article/2021/05/19/thi

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A dispatch from Eastern Oregon, where a COVID-19 outbreak sparked by the Pendleton Round-Up led to a state of emergency on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. @rachelamonahan@twitter.com reports. wweek.com/news/2021/10/06/the-

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"Did you just tell me to go fuck [over the entire world]?"

"I believe I did, Bob."

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The whole blockchain thing reminds me of the early fervor over NoSQL.

Except with orders of magnitude more grifting, and the destruction of a forest each time a DB gets updated.

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@emilyst yeah. re: that thread, Mastodon will also show a "pending follow request" if the follower somehow didn't get an ACK of the received follow from your server, regardless of whether the account is set to manually approve followers or not (cc @aphyr)

sorry about all the noise. i keep trying to fix all my follower-relationships.

anyways, if you're seeing this, check if you're actually following me. if it says a request is pending, that's a bug. you have to unfollow me and refollow me, and it should work. in the worst case, you may even have to try it a couple of times.

again, ugh, sorry. federation is Not Good today. woof.group/@aphyr/107061238147

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@aphyr sorry if this is a weird question, but are you still following me? this mastodon thing i just did went super rough.

Not sure, but the Great Mastodon Experiment might be over with for me. Moving accounts basically cost me most of my followers, and the crossposter now issues a 500 error.


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